Our dynamic water jet services can cut through the difficult materials that other companies can’t.

We provide water jet cutting services for industries such as aerospace, government & military, small businesses, contract manufacturing and OEMs.
When it comes to Waterjet Cutting Services, we have experience and expertise. Definitive Solutions & Technologies, Inc. has over 27 years experience in the water-jet industry.

Waterjet Cutting Services:

  • Water-jet cutting of your materials. Check out our list of the materials DS&T can cut.
  • If your cutting project requires it, we also provide:
    • Tooling Design – Extra challenging jobs may need DS&T to develop tooling
    • Materials – We can supply the material needed that your job requires
    • Parts Fabrication – Welding & forming
    • Machining– CNC Milling & CNC Turning

WaterJet Material Supplier

If needed, we can supply necessary materials to our clients for their water-jet cutting projects, often at lower prices than are available to them elsewhere

Custom Water Jet Cutting Services

Tooling Design & Manufacturing

At times, a part needing to be cut is so difficult that it requires special tooling for cutting to meet specifications. DS&T will develop and manufacture custom tooling to complete the most complex of jobs.

Water Jet Secondary Services

Parts Fabrication – Welding & Forming
To complete some jobs, fabricating parts, including welding and forming is required. DS&T provides some fabrication services when you require them.
Machining– CNC Milling & CNC Turning
DS&T offers CNC machining capabilities allowing us to mill and lathe parts to your specifications.