Definitive Solutions & Technologies

We are an ISO AS9100; 2016 Certified Industrial Cutting Services company, in the Seattle area, that provides waterjet cutting services, utilizing the most efficient, fastest, state-of-the-art waterjet cutting equipment!

We provide Industrial Waterjet Cutting Services. We often figure out how to cut that difficult part that others cannot figure out. Many times the solution for those extremely challenging parts is developing the tooling to enable the waterjet to cut it effectively. With 2 engineers on staff, we can easily develop that tooling for the part. An example of this would be the tooling we designed to cut a large, 3D, Titanium forging with our waterjet.​

Your Project is Our Priority
When you give us a waterjet cutting project, it is not perceived as an afterthought, IT  IS  OUR ONLY THOUGHT!  Your project is our top priority, and we make sure it is done correctly, most efficiently, with on time delivery.

Most Waterjet Cutting Services in Seattle do it as a second thought. At DS&T, Waterjet Cutting is our primary business. In fact, one of our founders received a Patent in waterjet Technology while employed by a leading waterjet machine manufacturer. That means that you can count on DS&T to be your experts when it comes to waterjet cutting any parts or products. We’ll work with you to figure out the best way to cut your job.