Waterjet Cutting Stainless Steel

Definitive Solutions & Technologies (DS&T) has the ability to waterjet cut stainless steel, with ease, to suit your project’s needs. Other cutting solutions, such as lasers, can ruin the edges. With waterjet cutting, edge quality is controlled by the speed of the waterjet nozzle. The faster the nozzle speed, the less attractive the edge. Slowing the nozzle speed makes for a nicer edge.

DS&T has cut stainless steel as thin as .005” shim stock, all the way up to 10″ thick gears. Lasers have difficulty cutting stainless steel pieces greater than 3/8”, which limits the variety of projects that can be handled.

Below, you will see how efficiently we can cut stainless steel.

This video shows DS&T waterjet cutting stainless steel numbers for a sign company that will use them in signage. Like with all materials, we use 60,000 PSI to cut our products. We are very competitive with precut stainless steel letters and number that are available for signage. Contact us for more information or request a quote!