Waterjet Cutting Rubber

Definitive Solutions & Technologies (DS&T) has vast experience in waterjet cutting rubber. There are challenges involved in cutting rubber with conventional tools, such as knives and punching. With knives, you get stretching and movement of the rubber, while punching the rubber produces “barreling” on the sides of the material. Waterjet cutting does not impart any force to the material so no distortion takes place, eliminating the aforementioned problems.

We have cut everything from 1/32” thick rubber gaskets to 6” thick fabric reinforced rubber used for bridge seismic mounts.

Below, you will see how easily and efficiently we can cut rubber.

This video shows ¼” rubber being waterjet cut by Definitive Solutions & Technologies for use as an aerospace gasket.

Rubber Cleat

Here is a rubber cleat being cut using our particular waterjet technique. Rubber is one of the materials that does not use Abrasive material/particulate when cutting with water.