Waterjet Cutting – Mild Steel

Waterjet Cutting Is definitely the most effective way to precisely cut Mild (Galvanized) Steel.

The video below shows .024″ Mild Steel that has been Galvanized being cut by our unique Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Technique.

Laser cutters don’t like to use Laser on Galvanized Steel because it produces toxic fumes, so the advantage of waterject cutting is obvious.
This is another instance when waterjet cutting of a material is the only process that makes sense.
You can see the precision achievable on this snowflake we made for Christmas tree ornaments in the shop.
The entire sheet was 4′ X 8′, which is a small piece for our machines that are capable of cutting up to 10 feet by 30 feet.

We use a sophisticated program to program and run the waterjets. By nesting the parts efficiently, we can maximize the number of pieces produced from the material. In the image, you can see multiple snowflakes nested together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Our waterjet machine is PC controlled for accurate cutting to meet your specifications.

We scanned the ornament shape and programmed the software for our waterjet machine to accurately cut the shape.

Thin steel is cut quickly and accurately, but as the material gets the thicker the machine must move slower to maintain the same cut quality.

The Ornament was cut from Mild (galvanized) steel .024 inches thick. The completed watercut edge is visible.