Waterjet Cutting Aluminum

Definitive Solutions & Technologies (DS&T) is able to waterjet cut your Aluminum with no heat involved, leaving a clean, sand-blasted look. Other cutting solutions, such as lasers, melt the material, leaving a poor finish.

An additional benefit of cutting with waterjet, is that aluminum parts can be nested and fit tightly beside each other, resulting in significant material savings. We’ve cut aluminum as thin as .005” shim stock, all the way up to pieces that were 9 1/2″ thick. Lasers can only cut/melt approximately 3/8”, which greatly limits the types of projects that can be handled.

Below, you will see how easily we can cut aluminum.

This video shows a 2 3/8″ piece of aluminum being waterjet cut at 60,000 PSI by Definitive Solutions & Technologies. This particular piece of aluminum will be used in the Aerospace industry.