Waterjet Cutting Glass – Red Art Glass

Cutting glass is challenging because of unpredictable breaking. In our art glass images and video, you see how waterjet cutting leaves the glass with an edge that has a sandblasted look with no chips or cracks. DS&T is well known for successfully cutting different types of glass. Just a few examples include high-lead content nuclear glass, 9″ thick telescope lens glass, bullet proof glass, and high temperature glass for roasting ovens. Please note that all waterjet cutting should occur before glass is tempered. Tempered glass will shatter if waterjet cut.

This video shows the precise cutting with the waterjet process leaving an attractive sand blasted look with no chips or cracks. The waterjet nozzle moves easily through 1.5 inches of glass. Definitive Solutions & Technologies (DS&T) provides waterjet cutting services throughout the U.S.

Our waterjet machine is PC controlled for accurate cutting to meet your specifications.

The client sent us a cutout of the heart. We scanned the heart shape and programmed the software for our waterjet machine to accurately cut the shape.

The original glass was 1.5 inches thick. The completed watercut edge is visible.

This is a top view of the completed cut showing the sandblasted edge. The abrasive in the water is similar to 80 grit sandpaper.

is project resulted in two waterjet cut art-glass hearts produced for a monument manufacturing company and are ready to be shipped to Japan.